Hi, I'm Annalisa. This is Benji, my best friend and co-therapist. We run a private practice overflowing with joy, authenticity, and prosperity. Let us help you build the animal-assisted therapy practice of your dreams!

  • Discover the healing power of the human-animal bond

  • Teach your best friend to be your co-therapist

  • Create movement and mindfulness in your counseling interventions

  • Bring unconditional love into the therapeutic relationship

  • Envision your authentic private practice

  • Build your practice and bring your vision to life!

Ready to launch your dream practice with your best friend?

We offer three levels of animal-assisted therapy training for mental health professionals. Office hours are scheduled twice per month to support you at every level.

  • Introduction to Animal-Assisted Therapy $49

    This course will introduce clinicians to the theory and practice of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) in counseling. In short, accessible lecture/reflection formats, students will explore the human-animal bond, learn the fundamentals of integrating AAT into your counseling theory, and practice introducing this specialized modality to prospective clients. You will earn a Level 1 Completion Certificate and website badge from Animal-Assisted Therapy, LLC.

  • Animal-Assisted Therapy in the Counseling Room $89

    Bridge the gap from theory to practice in this practical course that will advance your expertise in animal-assisted therapy. Learn specific techniques such as animal-assisted rapport-building, metaphors, mindfulness, movement and other interventions that engage the client with the animal (emphasis on therapy dogs). Earn a Level 2 Completion Certificate and website badge from Animal-Assisted Therapy, LLC. Level 1 Prereq.

  • Building Your Animal-Assisted Therapy Private Practice $129

    Finally, an entrepreneurship course for mental health professionals! This course fills a critical gap often missing from formal clinical education: how, exactly, to build a private practice. Envision your authentic practice, select and train your animal co-therapist, tighten the nuts and bolts of your business, and attract your ideal clients. You will earn a Specialist Completion Certificate and website badge from Animal-Assisted Therapy, LLC.

Your Best Friend is Waiting

Become an animal-assisted therapist and introduce your clients to the healing power of the human-animal bond.

Nice to Meet You!

I'm Annalisa Smithson, LPC. I am a helper. A healer. An avid reader. An adventurer. A teacher. A lover of critters and humans alike. Yes, I’m a cat person. I’m a dog person too. Mostly I’m a Benji person. You see, Benji is my co-therapist at our private practice, Animal-Assisted Therapy, LLC. He is heckin' good at his job! He helps by playing, snuggling, going for walks, and even learning new tricks with clients. His unconditional love and calm demeanor, as well as occasional bursts of puppy energy, bring a lightness and joy into the therapy room. He reminds us (me AND my clients) to be kind to ourselves. He helps us believe that we deserve such kindness. Therapy, as life, is simply better with dogs. Questions? Join us on Facebook and ask away: facebook.com/groups/counselorswholoveanimals
An image of Annalisa kneeling in the woods, hugging Benji, a black and tan hound dog.

Your dream career. Your favorite animal. Your overflowing caseload.